Monday, February 11, 2008

Nanny, Nanny, boo-hoo!!

We are so sad to see our "nanny", my cousin Aleksi leave. She leaves for China next week and has been coming up to our house every weekend (sometimes longer...sorry!) for the past couple months. The kids love her and she is like a little sister to me. I have loved talking and laughing with her. Joey and I have especially loved all of our dates and not having the least of worries. We celebrated her last weekend with a day of what we do!
Aleksi feeling embarrassed about me taking her picture....

Cassie, Aleksi's little sister came up and was ready to spend some hard earned cash.

Emree was sick to her stomach the night before, but like me believes shopping cures everything!

We were all happy because we had all found stuff.

Emree flashing her gang sign.



Monday, February 4, 2008

Are our children normal?

Rett in his uniform. I wash the shirt and shorts every night that he doesn't sleep in it also. He has been wearing it for months and months. I ask him why he likes it, he says, "It's cool".

This is how Rye spends the majority of his day. He very intently rolls the trains back and forth either on Rett's footboard or sitting at the kitchen counter.

Emree still hasn't lost her snaggle tooth. It is driving us crazy! It sticks out because the other tooth has come in behind it. She also has two other teeth coming in behind baby teeth. We didn't know until now that she is half shark.

Happy New Year!

We decided last minute to have some friends over, since we usually have very uneventful New Year Eves. These are the real troopers who stuck around until midnight when we finally remembered to break out the camera. You really find out who your real friends are when you have a party and you see who sticks around until the very end! Just kidding!

The Melick Family stuck around, although I don't know if Bryan remembered anything that happened that night.

Maddison the party animal!

Eva and...

Emily breaking out the bubbly.

It was a really quiet party, can you tell?

Jett with a perfectly themed shirt.

Daniel and Emily, definitely the hardest partiers!

Avery and her adorable cheeks! Or maybe this picture is of cheeks and then Avery.

Tyler and Erika Anderson warming up their lips for their New Years kiss.

Rocky Road, nah, just a little bumpy!

Rocky is our sweet 14 week old American Bulldog puppy. I can't believe I just typed that! Yes I still am in shock that we have a dog! We said that we would never, yet here we are! That's what we get for being surrounded by dog lovers! We caved to peer pressure! But it has been well worth it. And the little guy sure is working his way into our hearts and our family!

He loves being with the kids.

Rocky at 12 wks. old. Emree says he likes to sit criss-cross-applesauce.

This is Rocky (8 wks. old) the week before Christmas when we brought him home