Monday, January 25, 2010


Love this little face

Love this little mouth

Love these little legs in those adorable socks

Love her little body in the teeniest of outfits...

LOVE her!!!

Senorita Snider

Rita Eve Snider
born January 10, 2010
7lbs. 14oz., 20 inches

The kids came the Sunday evening and met their new sister...Rita brought them gifts and they were thrilled...

Our bigger better family

Can I just say that I'm one proud mama! I love this little girl!

Tardy for the Party

Rita finally decided to come into the world! We were so happy!

My contractions started around 4:30 on Friday Jan. 8. I had them all night and into Saturday. The OB told me I would have to labor at home for a while. So we waffled all day Saturday when to actually go to the hospital. In between contractions Saturday night Emree slips and falls and hits her forehead on the door frame. Yikes! Everything was okay with a butterfly bandage...but it gave me a good scare!

Finally around 10:30pm we decided to go to the hospital...
Here I am between contractions at home.... It was a team effort...

When we got to the hospital they monitored me and decided that Joey and I should walk around the hospital for an hour and a half...They told us this at 11:30pm!!! I was already sooo tired! But we did and strong contractions were coming every 4 to 5 minutes during that LONG hour and a half!!! After the time was up I had progressed to a 6 and they decided to keep me! I became totally nervous and realized how I never wanted to do this ever again! After having the epidural not take on the left side and feeling a ridiculous amount of pain the last hour and a half little Rita came into the world! Everyone was crying except me I was beyond elated that she was here and that meant no more pain! Yay!

I couldn't believe how much she looked like the other kids...

Getting her little feet stamped...