Saturday, November 13, 2010

Off to Wonderland!

Halloween 2010
Alice in Wonderland

I really didn't know if I was going to be able to pull it off this year! Rita is a busy little baby! She was like a ticking time bomb every time I started working on costumes! I would just try to get as much done as I could until she couldn't take it any longer. I did have help one morning from Emily who let me sew away while she watched Rita at her house. It was a glorious 4 hours and I was able to get my Queen of Hearts costume done... Thanks Emily! I owe you!

The camera was in some weird manual mode so this picture is gross. Yes, I almost cried when I realized it because our family photographer had already left to dress her cute little Jack of hearts!

ahhh, now these colors are a lot better...

Emree: "You're late for a very important date!"

Seriously we love going to Disney for Halloween. No one does it better.

Joey always remains in character. No matter what.

Emree made the prettiest little Alice.

Rita made the cutest happiest bunny ever.

The King and Queen.

And can I just tell you how many times I laughed walking behind Joey. The hat made him so ridiculously tall. You couldn't miss him.
The things this guy will to do please me...tights, makeup, wigs, huge hats, uncomfortable costumes, is there a limit??

Disney brings out characters during the Halloween party that aren't out during the year... I was excited to see this witch. Do you know what from???
Well a BIG FAT CHECK on Halloween!! Yay!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So it was brought to my attention today by a really *special* friend that I seriously needed to update my blog.
I knew I needed to, but I just kept putting it off and putting it off. Ugh.
I just wish the pictures would upload themselves!

So I'm playing catch up!

Rett turned 7! He had a great birthday! We went to a Disney hotel, swam, ate, and played in their arcade. A perfect night for a 7 year old!

We said goodbye to Mitchell for two years. So. Sad. well it would be sadder if he wasn't going...
His farewell was amazing and I can only post a picture of him with the kids because Joey and I might have been crying like babies during his talk and might look swollen and red in our picture with him....
I seriously feel like he's been gone six months and it hasn't even been two! It's going to be a looooonnnnggg two years. But his letters are great and we are having fun writing him.

Rett started playing flag football for upward! Yay!
And I'm happy to say that he scored his first touchdown this past Saturday! It is really funny to watch these boys play. They all look a little confused when the ball comes their way and flags get pulled by people that aren't even close to the ball. So funny.

Rita is growing and she just needs to stop it! She crawls all over the place getting into all sorts of things. I forgot how busy those babies are! Something is getting broken on a regular basis and she is getting really good at finding anything that is on the floor that can go in her mouth.

And she is turning out to be quite the blondey!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

School Daze

So school had to start and as much as I was dreading it I'll have to admit that it has been nice getting back into a routine.

Can. Not. Believe. Emree is in the fourth grade!

Sweet Rett is King of first!

And drum roll please...

PRE-K for Mr. Rye!!

Let's be honest...I was nervous, really nervous about Rye Rye going. He does not like Primary and lays on the floor, falls asleep, and can be really cranky in there.
I thought this might happen at school
He LOVES it!!!
They really pull through when you need them to. Tender mercies...
I do miss my comic relief during those three hours that he is gone. Though, they are a really quite three hours...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Hurrah!

We surprised the kids on their last weekend of Summer Break with a stay at Disney's Contemporary Resort...I promise Rye was excited! He was just a little cranky from being woken up in the car...

In our room we immediately put on suits and went straight to the pool...

Good times were spent in the pool with a great slide...

and a really fun splash pad. Can you tell?

The next morning Emree and I had a little photo shoot in the bathroom showing how fancy everything was...
Then we were off for a yummy character breakfast!
Rita's scrunched up smile is my favorite!
Hooray for Mickey! Rye is giving him some extra love...We had such a great Summer and we're so glad we ended it with a bang!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday before church...

Sure we were a few minutes late but it was totally worth it! Too bad Joey was already there for meetings...but that's what Photoshop is for, right?! and to make me thinner

love my little chicks...

and Yay for matching girls!!!

Emree loves Rita

Have I mentioned how much Emree loves Rita??? And how much Rita loves Emree??? This girl is AH-MAZING! She will whisk Rita right out of my arms and go entertain her whenever she gets the chance. The other night Emree called me into her room asking me to come look at her doll and this is what I found....The two of them cuddling so cute! I'm so glad they have eachother! I can just wait until Rita's getting into all sorts of things in Emree's room because she thinks Emree is so cool...Emree might not be laughing then.

Wet and Wild

This girlie loves her bath time...
And I love her clean little body after... so cute!

Tough to be Rita




Summer isn't Summer without Miami

We love going down to Miami during Summer! And let's just say I did a horrible time documenting this trip...sorry.

We visited Chi Chi and Maria's condo on the way down...So fun!

The kids basically spent tons of time in the pool while we were down there...made me happy to see the kids playing in the pool that I played in growing up!
Happy girl Pita...
Emree relaxing...

Sweet boy Rye Rye...He kind of looks like his floatie...
Emree and Rett playing all sorts of games they made up...
We had so much fun down there! Swimming, eating yummy things, visiting family... We loved it!

Who could ask for more?

After swim lessons were done we were ready to start playing! So we hit the beach! It was Rita's first time! It was so fun....but good grief was it a lot of gear for me!! It was such a perfect Summer day though...wish I could have frozen time.

Rita trying to make sense of all of this...

Rett had fun digging...

Rye was a crazy man... He, Rett, and Emree literally spent almost three hours jumping the waves! Needless to say they were exhausted the ride home.

Emree said she was dying to get in the shower because of the chunks of sand in her suit...but this girl does love the beach!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Swim lessons can be embarrassing

This is where we have been every morning for 10:00 am swim lessons. Initially Rett and Rye were in one class and Emree was in another. It didn't last because on the second day Rye threw up in the pool and everyone in all the different classes had to clear the pool for thirty minutes!
I was already sketchy on how Rye was going to do....leave it to him to show me who is boss. I couldn't leave either because Emree still had half an hour of her swim class left after every one was allowed back in. So I spent my time apologizing to everyone that had wasted their morning getting ready only to have it ruined.

Once I decided to pull Rye out all my anxiety was gone and classes for the rest of the session were great! (deep breath)
Rett is officially a swimmer!...
So funny with his goggle face...
Toy time after swimming...Rett said they were baby toys...ummm that could be because most kids are younger when they take this class...
Emree learned different strokes in her swim class... She was nervous at the beginning, but ended up really liking her teacher and doing races...

And she loved jumping off the diving board at the end of every class...
I'm so glad we did it, but so glad we don't have to haul ourselves over there anymore.
And most importantly no one has to look at Rye Rye and call him the "Throw Up Boy".