Saturday, November 13, 2010

Off to Wonderland!

Halloween 2010
Alice in Wonderland

I really didn't know if I was going to be able to pull it off this year! Rita is a busy little baby! She was like a ticking time bomb every time I started working on costumes! I would just try to get as much done as I could until she couldn't take it any longer. I did have help one morning from Emily who let me sew away while she watched Rita at her house. It was a glorious 4 hours and I was able to get my Queen of Hearts costume done... Thanks Emily! I owe you!

The camera was in some weird manual mode so this picture is gross. Yes, I almost cried when I realized it because our family photographer had already left to dress her cute little Jack of hearts!

ahhh, now these colors are a lot better...

Emree: "You're late for a very important date!"

Seriously we love going to Disney for Halloween. No one does it better.

Joey always remains in character. No matter what.

Emree made the prettiest little Alice.

Rita made the cutest happiest bunny ever.

The King and Queen.

And can I just tell you how many times I laughed walking behind Joey. The hat made him so ridiculously tall. You couldn't miss him.
The things this guy will to do please me...tights, makeup, wigs, huge hats, uncomfortable costumes, is there a limit??

Disney brings out characters during the Halloween party that aren't out during the year... I was excited to see this witch. Do you know what from???
Well a BIG FAT CHECK on Halloween!! Yay!!


Kate said...

This was so cute! All of the costumes were amazing; I loved reading about it! Your kids are adorable :)

Maxwell said...

EVA! So Awesome! I love you guys.