Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas Auction

We celebrated Christmas on New Year's Day with my family. Such a good time!
My mom had the idea to do an auction instead of a gift exchange! And it was so much fun!
We all had play money and everyone came with an assortment of things, new, used, thrifted...whatever! And then we bid on all the items.
In the end we ended up with a Pampered Chef chopper and a Chick-Fil-A gift card. There were some really great things but Joey and I were holding out for the mystery items...we're risk takers like that.

Edesse, Emree, and Brynn couldn't love eachother more...

My little bro, Evan, the artist...

My Aunt Maria with Pita...

My parents spoil all the grandkids and give them whatever their heart desires...

Can't wait for the Auction next Christmas!

Emree's Big Ten Chop!

Emree decided last Summer that she wanted to chop her hair...I somehow managed to convince her to wait until her birthday! She had waited and waited and the day was finally here!

She had a sleepover with her two very best friends...

Her hair wouldn't normally be this long, but we decided to grow it out long enough to
donate it to the
Pink Heart Fund.
Some sick little girl or mama will be getting her luscious locks.

Our Nana Banana wouldn't have missed this day for anything!

And we had out Tias Chi Chi and Maria here too!

Emree getting ready to go!
My dear friend, Shelly, is an amazing stylist and was so nice to do the cut!

Here it is all ready to go!
Her hair was pretty thick so one big pony wasn't going to be a good idea!
So she had three cute ponies!

No turning back now!

One down!! Two more to go!!

Emree was DY-ING!!
I was in shock at this point and could only snap away.

A lock for each friend...
Shelly cleaning it up...
Emree wanted it just like her American Girl doll Nellie. A clean classic bob.
My cute short haired redhead!
She couldn't stop moving and shaking it...
It was a great day!
Happy 10th my sweet girl!!