Monday, February 4, 2008

Are our children normal?

Rett in his uniform. I wash the shirt and shorts every night that he doesn't sleep in it also. He has been wearing it for months and months. I ask him why he likes it, he says, "It's cool".

This is how Rye spends the majority of his day. He very intently rolls the trains back and forth either on Rett's footboard or sitting at the kitchen counter.

Emree still hasn't lost her snaggle tooth. It is driving us crazy! It sticks out because the other tooth has come in behind it. She also has two other teeth coming in behind baby teeth. We didn't know until now that she is half shark.


Hilarry Blankenship said...

I love that Rett wears his "uniform" every day! He is such a boy! I love them!

Post more :)

Oh! One more thing....Rocky has the cutest face! I think he should be Roxy's boyfriend. Rocky and Roxy sittin in a tree! PERFECT!

kara jo haught said...

Um, is it normal that Austin cant go SERIOUSLY 5 mins without YELLING "neee munny neee" (airplane mommy airplane)... boys will be boys!