Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag I'm it!!!

I was tagged by Hilarry, who is one of the coolest people I know! I apparently need to update my blog (quit your complaining everybody!!) and I thought this would be a quick fix! So here it goes:

5 things I'm going to do tomorrow

1. run and weight train in the morning
2. go to Target (Rett's request)
3. go to Costco (eat a churro for sure!)
4. take Emree to dance class and drop off recycling while waiting (we're green in our house, it may be a very light minty green, but nevertheless green)
5. do some laundry (there isn't a day that goes by when this doesn't happen. It is the one true constant in our house)

5 snacks I enjoy

1. Kashi bars (this is when I'm being healthy)
2. Key Lime cookie (this is when I'm bad they're from locally owned Breck's Cookies, oh my gosh it is delicious!)
3. I love to take one bite of the kid's cereal in the morning before I give it to them...I don't know why, but I do.
4. whatever fruit that is in season, so that it is nice a juicy and sweet. mmmm.
5. cheese, crackers, and ham.. it is one of my Mom's delicous creations. (a cheez-it with a dab of cream cheese, and a little of Publix's shaved sweet ham on top. The kids LOVE these.)

5 places I've lived (this one's not very exciting for me)

1. Salt Lake City, Utah
2. Miami, Florida
3. Gainesville, Florida
4. Orlando, Florida
5. St. Cloud, Florida

5 places I've been

1. New York City
2. North Carolina
3. Mexico
4. Arizona
5. China, Germany, France, Canada, Morroco, Norway, England, Japan, Italy(at Epcot. It really feels like you're there!)

5 jobs I've had

1. server at Tony and Pat's Pizzeria in Gainesville (my first real job! I was so excited! But on revisting years later the place was a dump! But when I worked there it sparkled!)
2. hostess at a restaurant on South Beach named Paparazzi. It was right on Ocean Drive in the middle of pure chaos (can we say trannies?)!
3. Bally's fitness club in the daycare (a complete nightmare, thought I was going to be killed by a very angry man...looking back he must have been on roids.)
4. sold wreaths and crafty items at a craftshow
5. served at Disney World in one of their resorts (and yes, I still love Disney even after working there)

So there are my lists. Hope you enjoyed not-so-exciting Eva! I now tag Emily, Kara, and Catherine!!

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