Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We visited Disney's Animal Kingdom for one last fun filled day before school let out.

Rye pet the animals...(more like brushed their booties)

We were able to see how big a Rhino is compared to Rye Rye...scary.

Rye had an African jam session. This kid loves to drum.
A crowd was gathered looking at the trees. We didn't know why...And btw Rye took the next series of pics! I can't believe how good he is at framing everything!...Can you tell in this pic what people were looking at?
The tree lady!! Who looked like a spider when she came out and behind me!!!!...

Here's me DYING of laughter at the tree lady (sorry I couldn't even try to be pretty because I was laughing so hard!) and Rye Rye taking the picture! All on his own....It all happened so fast and Rye was snapping away. I just thought it would be of my left arm or that my head would be cut off, but he got it perfectly! And I died laughing again when I saw the pic and how great he did!
In line for the safari. Yay for Disney!

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The Fredericks said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your Disney obsession- this whole post makes me so happy :)