Saturday, June 18, 2011

Read Me

This boy loves to read!
He is second out of all the first grade classes for his AR (Accelerated Reader) points!! Woohoo!

He got a trophy and a t shirt for completing his goal of 150 points! And he kept going by the last day of school he had 195 points! The majority of kids in his class had 30-50 points.
I'm totally bragging about this because I had nothing to do with it!
He did it all on his own!
Makes me feel like he just might be on the right track!

He was awarded his trophy by the Harmony High Baseball team. And gave the players and coach high fives down the line. Rett just might have more AR points than those jocks!...okay, now I'm just being annoying.
Good job Mr. Rett Rooster!


Maxwell said...

hahaa GO RETT! He's on what -- Harry Potter 4 now?

Hilarry said...

The teache in me is so proud of Rett!! A/R is life!!!

aleksi said...

cute boy! i just love him.