Thursday, April 17, 2008


Have I mentioned that Rye loves our dog? Sunday night Dan and Emily stopped by and we heard belly laughter in the kitchen. When we checked it out it was Rye and the dog totally making out! Rye just thought it was hilarious! We were all so grossed out but, couldn't stop laughing enough to stop it...
That is Rocky's tongue fully involved in Rye's mouth...tasty! Next post is me and Joey...sorry for that visual...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cruisin' (LOTS of pics!)

We had so much fun on our cruise! The surprise worked out perfectly! They really thought they were going to the dentist! So funny! It wasn't until Rett spotted the boat, the kids were so excited just to see it! I took a picture of it and told them atleast we can look at the picture until we can go on it. Then Emree said something like "I hope one day we could go on the Disney Cruise." Then I said, "Well how about today!!!" Joey and I told them they really weren't going to the dentist, that we really were going on the cruise. They were shocked! It was hilarious! Emree said that she didn't believe us, so we had her peek at our suitcases in the back of the car! Emree said she was so happy because the whole drive she was thinking about the dentist and was trying not to be nervous...awww, poor thing! As you can see Rye was the most excited!

Once we got on we explored the boat, and of course, ate! Emree's binge of soft serve began!

When we got to the room Rye had to check out the itinerary and Emree and I saluted to a fabulous cruise!

I couldn't resist the pics of the kids in their jackets! It was so funny! But it made us VERY late for the drill and EVERYONE on the boat was already in their spots! It was so embarrassing to have to walk past everyone! It only lasted about 20 seconds longer once we got in line! We should have just stayed in our room!

BON VOYAGE!! The send off party was amazing! We had a blast dancing and twirling our ribbons. The weather was absolutely beautiful!

Had to post these pics of my sweet babe! He was the master mind of this trip. He's always thinking about his family. I love this stud!

The kids loved the splash pad and the kids pool. Emree was a mad woman on the slide. If we didn't see her coming down, we knew she was in line. It was so relaxing just to sit, laugh, and watch them play.

The pirate night was lots of fun. They put on a great show on the top deck. Once again lots of great music, dancing, and fireworks (the only ship allowed!)!

Rye was a nut for the doughnuts! So one morning I woke up early and had a plate waiting for him when he woke up. Breakfast of champions!

Castaway was beautiful, island is perfectly Disney! They have one of the pirate ships from Pirates of the Caribbean in the neat! They have a huge barbecue on the island for lunch...delicious! I can get used to this island life.....No worries mon!

Back at the pool on the ship...nothing but happiness....all the cruise food is catching up to Joey...Don't worry, I love you babe!

Hanging out in the room after the pool...Emree still gets a sunburn even after applying and reapplying spf 70!!! Poor girl...photographer Emree taking pic of me...Rett watching what else but Transformers. It made him feel right at home. He was able to sit there with all of his Transformers. I think it sealed the deal for him that this is the best place on Earth....Rye was acting CrAzY! Just had to capture him!....pretty girl Emree going to dinner..
This is the only family picture of us on the whole trip! That's okay, at least it turned out decent...
Funny story...we had to set out our luggage the night before the last morning. But, you had to leave out your clothes and shoes that you would be wearing for the next morning. They even had lots of reminders on TV not to forget to leave out those items. Well the next morning I woke up and got ready early. I thought about how funny it would be to actually see people that forgot to leave out items. Well I when I started looking for my shoes...couldn't find them. So when Joey woke up I asked him where my flip flops were and he gives me this look....and I just know...he says, "flip flops, umm...I packed those!" We died laughing!! So I had to walk around the boat, go to breakfast, and walk off the ship with no shoes!!! And I definitely got some weird looks!! The sad part was that I saw no one else that was missing anything!! Of course it would be me!!
Hope that wasn't over doing it too much on the pics! But that is why I can't scrapbook, because I don't know how to NOT use pictures....although I did pretty good by not posting all 230 that I took!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break

I love Spring Break! It's just so nice not to have to be anywhere at a certain time. We had fun and we were sad to get back to reality this morning. I wish I was smart enough to home school but they wud onlee turn out az smurt az theyre mom...scary thought! But here is our Spring Break run down....

Emily and I went down to Miami for a day. We made our first stop at Vicky Bakery for pastilitos...deliciosa! Then it was on to Last Chance, where we stayed for over six hours! It is the best shopping, or as I call it, treasure hunting! Emily found tons of "treasure" too! That's all hers!

Then we hung out for a few days at home. And one day I took the kids to Downtown Disney where we walked around, looked at Lego creations, and ate lunch. Afterwards we went to Disney's Contemporary Resort where we played in the arcade. The kids love doing this, and I do too! There is no one in the arcade because everyone is at the parks. It's a nice cheap thing to do on a hot day...

Then I took the kids down to Miami for a few days. My parents were dying to see them! The kids love going down there. The exciting part was getting Emree's ears pierced. We had them pierced at the same mall I had my ears done, good ol' Westland Mall. She was so excited and has not stopped talking about it. We took pics before, during, and after. She sat on her Nana's lap and not one tear was shed...hope it doesn't lead to other piercings!

While in Miami I took the kids to excitement of excitements...Toys R' Us! You may have thought the kids were in a theme park! It was sheer joy to be in that store! We stayed for a long while and went up and down aisles and looked at all the toys. Their favorite part was all the ride on cars...

So that's a wrap for our Spring Break! We are actually extending it a little. This week on Thursday we are surprising the kids with a Disney Cruise. They are going to die. I think the plan is to pack and load up the car while they're sleeping Wednesday night and then Thursday I'm going to tell them that they all have dentist appointments...hehe! I can't wait to post those pics!