Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Muggles, Hippogrifths, and Hogwarts

We love a good surprise and we especially love surprising the kids.
They had been dying to go to Harry Potter's Wizarding World, and by dying I mean driving us CAH-RAY-ZEE!

So Joey and I decided that on a beautiful Saturday there was nothing we would rather do than go to Costco...or that's what we told the kids.
Needless to say they were super duper excited when they saw they would be doing something other than eating samples (I personally don't think it gets better than a Costco sample in each hand!).

On their way to see their future school...

Whoop, there it is!

Platform 9 3/4. Glad we didn't miss the train.

Be still my Wizard loving heart.

Perfect little squib baby in a non-magical stroller.

Flying with the Hippogrifths...

Loving on some Rita in Dr. Suess land...

These two are best of friends...

Good job Universal on Harry Potter World.
If only the rest of the park could be as nice.
Sorry, I am a Disney snob.
Jello can never be creme brulee.


Maxwell said...

Harry Potter world is the best, that's what you meant by creme brulee, right? and Disney is Jello?

the photos looks super good!

aleksi said...

omg that is so funny. HP world MAKES universal. DISNEY FOREVER!!!!

Eva and Joey said...

Max, HP world is the creme brulee flavor of their jello. lol

Eva and Joey said...

Oh, and Max you did take several of those pictures that could explain why they look good!

The Fredericks said...

this delights me- all of it!