Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy Cousins

Aleksi came into town for the holidays and stayed a night at our house with Max and Cassie.
I love them. So much.
They make us so happy when they are here.
Enough said.

Aleksi and Cynthia (who came down with Max and just might be one of the funniest people I know)... was late...and cold...and we were delirious...

Cassie can not take a bad picture, no matter the time, or circumstance.

Look at this guy! Could he be any cuter?!
He will be leaving for his mission sometime this Summer or Fall.
Oh, what will we do without him???

And this is why we love him! Because he does stuff like build Legos with the boys...

And draws lightening scars on foreheads...
We love Aleksi, Mitchell, Cassie, and Max!!!


aleksi said...

terrible picture of me! i am sickly white. and i dont want max to go on a mission! i miss my brothers so much!

Maxwell said...

hahaha I love you guys!