Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beehive State

Oh Utah!! It was such a fun trip!! So many highlight and so little pictures...

Our flight left at 7:30 am!! So you know how that goes...I basically didn't sleep the night before because of packing, tying up loose ends at home, and pure excitement!...Our flight out there consisted of Heather and I talking non-stop, Rita being a dream baby, and a complete psycho sitting in the window seat. I will sum her up by describing her as a ghetto mama who pretended to only speak Spanish and then shot up while sleeping and looked at Heather and said, "YOU WOKE ME UP! YOU KICKED MY LEG!"... meanwhile Heather has the tiniest legs on the planet and had not moved an inch. I should know because I was looking at her while we were talking. When exiting the plane I yelled adios to her and I just wish I could say adios to the image in my head of her checking out her teeth and hair in the reflection of her iPhone before disembarking....So the trip was off to an eventful start!!...

Yay! We've arrived and Aleksi picked us up at the airport!! It was such a happy reunion!!

Rita feeling like a big girl in her forward facing car seat. We didn't go back to rear facing after this trip. She officially started her big girlhood.

Poor peach head spent most of the trip trying to just sleep. But it never lasted long. We were always getting her out to shop, eat, change, shop, eat, visit.

Aleksi's house is adorable!! Seriously they have done such cute things!! Her roommate Cortney is super creative and crafty and has made such amazing "Anthro" looking things for the house! It was decorated for Christmas and we just loved staying there.
Aleksi read Rita this book and it seemed Rita really liked it until we noticed she was sleeping...
On our way somewhere...poor girl has never been in a car seat so much!
A few houses down from Aleksi this kid was making a snowman the day before. I couldn't pass up the chance to take a pic with Frosty before... well, you know...RIP Mr. Parson Brown.
We had to get Aleksi in on this action before it grew too late. She hates when I try to set her up, but I think she had a thing for this fellow...
The entire trip I kept make dumb comments about the mountains. They really are so big! I just am not used to seeing such things! They make me dizzy!
Breakfast one morning with the darling Munns girls at Maggleby's Fresh. Is there anything better than bottomless french toast and delicious omelets???
Rita lovin' her some french toast. Let me just comment on her hair clip. I purchased it while I was in Utah at this fabulous event. Lots of vendors that sell on Etsy and that craft THE CUTEST things were participating. I have since lost it (and by "I" I mean Joey). I am crushed about it and have looked high and low to find it. But I believe it to be lost at either Bass Pro or Chick-Fil-A. It is seriously one of those things that keeps me up at night because my heart aches for it. I know, sounds dumb, but I just really really liked the darn thing.
But Rita is just as cute without it.
Our drive by of the Salt Lake Temple. It is just a beauty.
Leaving for the airport we snapped a couple pics before we both had red noses and mascara running down our faces.
Such a fun time!! I did not get ONE picture of my glorious reunion with Catherine and Myriam!! I had so much fun eating and visiting with them! They're houses are warm, inviting, and beautiful! I love you both soooooo much!! Guess I'll just have to go back so that we can snap a few pics!

Aleksi was the best little hostess, driver, shopping partner, bed-sharer, and helper-outer EVER!!
I love you more than you'll ever know!!


Hilarry said...

You look soooo cute!! Love the boots, love the hair, love it all!!

Maxwell said...

Still jealous you got to visit. Such a blast!

aleksi said...

i seriously cant believe the trip is OVER. i wish you were here again! and i'm SO glad that our last picture together is a complete work of art. my unicorn hair is very happy. come visit me again! i miss you too much.

Tillia said...

We loved seeing you and next time you come I want to go shopping with you, seriously!!!