Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Christmas!!

Yay! Christmas!
Rett feeding the reindeer their glitter oatmeal..Yum!

Christmas Eve pj's! They love picking them out every year. Rett and Rye both insisted on How To Train Your Dragon pj's.
There is nothing like Christmas Eve with little ones! Such excitement!
Rita loved playing with her nativity. I was setting it up every time I turned around. But nothing broke this year! Hooray!

Okay so here is where my surprise comes in! Christmas morning we are woken up by the kids at around 6:45, which wasn't too bad! We gather around the tree and Joey casually brings me a gift and says it's for me and that I could open it if I want to. We always open our gifts after the kids, but he said just to do inside was this bad boy

He had it all charged up and ready to go! I of course cried...and he might have shed a tear too (Not joking! Sounds silly, but we were just so excited!) It was a complete surprise! I never told him that I wanted one! But inside I was dying for a nicer camera! He just gets me!

So I started snapping away! From now on I'm hoping for better pictures on this blog! I am clearly a beginner and have A LOT to learn! But at least "Auto" works great!

The present opening commenced... The kids exchange names and give each other a little something. They REALLY love this. They love picking just the perfect gift!
Santa brought everyone what they wanted!
Rett received all sorts of Harry Potter goods...Emree books, jewelry, clothes, make up...

Rita didn't know the difference in amount of gifts between her and the other kids...
If we have one more train Christmas I might just open my own train store... At some point he'll move on, right? I'm waiting...
We're slowly catching up!


Maxwell said...

Eva, I'm so glad you got that camera! The photos look awesome.

Eva and Joey said...

oh yeah....just amazing....looks like I definitely need some lessons!

kara jo haught said...

we love those snider kids!!! ps... tell joey to consult sam next christmas!