Thursday, January 27, 2011

F. I. V. E.

Rye Rye turned five on December 13th. He has turned into such a funny kid. He loves hard and when he's cranky watch out! He is definitely his own person and I love that about him.

F-favorite foods are waffles, mickey mouse chicken, homemade wheat bread with butter and honey, and macaroni and cheese.

I- interests are riding his two wheeler, playing with Rett and his buddies. He loves to watch movies and can quote them. He picks anywhere from one to ten toys to sleep with every night. Always something different. I love to see what he picks out. He then brings them to bed and puts the covers over them.
V- very funny. This kids just makes us all laugh. He doesn't even have to try and we are all just dying. He is also very sensitive. He doesn't have to get in very much trouble to have a complete melt down and be in tears.

E-enjoying every minute I have with my Rye Guy because before I know it he'll be six!


Maxwell said...

"I" sounds just like me - and "V" ahaha. Happy Birthday Rye Rye.

aleksi said...

what is it about the third child of four? they are all the same. i just love rye rye! he is so special.

kara jo haught said...

keep up the blogging miss!

Julia said...

Oh, 5 already? Geez! My baby, David 12/13/10), and your boy Rye Rye share the same birthday! Yeah!
Miss you guys!