Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I want to re-live this day

This guy down here planned such a fun day for us...

He loaded up the boat, boys, bait and brought along the girls.

This would look really yummy if you were a fish.

The three fishermen in my life.
Rita was a trooper with her huge honkin' vest.

They reeled 'em in while I sat back and watched. Loved it.

We caught a whopper...

Love all four of these kids.

There was a dolphin swimming by us...bottom right of the bird.

Joey docked us at a park and the kids played...
She gets her sweet pumping action from me.

Is there anything better than a happy girl?...Oh yeah, and Rita was pretty happy too.

Superman wanted to fly.

My Latin lover.

After the park Joey docked us at a fun restaurant on the water.
We ate and then the kids played in the sand.
There was a live band playing and the weather was BEAUTIFUL.
Can not believe I'm typing this...
but anytime you want to take us fishing Babe, I'm game!


Maxwell said...

So fun! I love you guys. Pics look great too!

Hilarry said...

I love the picture of the boys with their hats on backwards! They look like little men. Make them stop. Miss you!

aleksi said...

what a pretty day! i love the picture of the dolphin bc the graffiti says "more love"