Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soccer Champ

Lil' Rye guy is playing some soccer these days...
Well, as much as a five year old that has no clue how to play, can play.
Getting some pointers from the coach.
Getting in the zone before going out on the field.

It's hot out there people! He needs his water breaks...

He even has the cutest little cheerleader! Who also cheers for her big brother...

Who happens to be Rye's best bud at church, school, and on the field! These boys are pretty intense together. They love hard, play hard, and fight hard.
The coach has learned the hard way to play them at different times because when they are
hot, tired, and crabby from playing there will be tears and arguing on the field during the game!
But they do love each other most of the time.


Maxwell said...

Rye Rye, our little soccer star.

aleksi said...

rye looks so big!