Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photography Don'ts

With my new camera in the bag
and inspiration galore
I am ready to be a photographer.

If only it were that easy.
I am pathetic.
It is a s....l....o....w learning process.

So here are tips from a complete novice on what NOT to do.

Don't go outside by yourself with your one year old thinking you'll get stunning photos.

Don't keep calling her name thinking that will get her attention.

Don't get frustrated when everything is coming out wrong.

Don't forget to be aware of clothing craziness and
making your one year old look pregnant.

Thank you, Rita. This is exactly how I feel.


The Fredericks said...

this post is hilarious- and she still looks pretty adorable. also I love the banner.

Maxwell said...

ha! but the photo of rita "pregnant" is still good. She's so photogenic.

aleksi said...

that is so funny!

Rae said...


Jason & Amber said...

haha I really Laughed Out Loud

Tara said...

HaHAHAHAAaaaha!! Love it!

The Harts said...

ooopps! That last one was me, Lindsay... logged in as my friend Tara! Anyway, you know I love this post... SO been there!