Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fresh Start

Well, it's about time! Now that I managed to lose all family and friends who use to check my blog I can write whatever the heck I want! Oh, you just wait 'till I start venting about everyone and anyone who annoys and has ever annoyed me! Wouldn't that be fun (and quite extensive)!? Well, I will spare you that, or maybe save it for another time!

In all honesty I took a much needed break. I really couldn't have cared less about this blog and about almost everything else. I was just surviving. There is a reason for this, BIG news.....We are pregnant!!! Woohoo! About half way through!!! Yay! Anyone who knows me knows how sick I get and this one lived up to my reputation. Boo! So that's why the nonexistent posts....totally understandable, right?

Now I'm back and feeling much better! I have some more energy to waste on this time sucker! Love it! So glad to be back and doing something other than throwing up! Can't wait to fill you in on our oh-so-busy (not really) summer!!

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Jason & Amber said...

Nice EVA! I'm so happy for you guys! I was wondering!